June 2006

Mouse photos!

November, 2005

A new design!

August 7, 2004

The Aupair journal closes. What a year!

August 5, 2004

6 months in France! That will give lots and lots pictures! And the best ones can be found here and now. Click on the globe and you're there!

October 20, 2003

Almost a year after I first uploaded my website, I managed to set up an English version!
It's not finished yet, but I hope it already gives you interesting information and something to smile about.
Try The Oracle. It can help you with some important decisions ;)

July 23, 2003

My aupair journal starts!
For now, it's only German. Sorry about that.
I'm telling about my experience between July 2001 and August 2002. During that time I wrote a journal to keep track of everything, so the informationen come first hand. I left out a couple of details, but I didn't add anything that is made up.
How about you? Have you been an aupair? Or have you hosted an aupair?
I'd like to read about your experience and if you want to, we put it on this website aswell. Write me!

July 1, 2003

After one semester „Internet and Media” I have sooo many ideas. I'd like to realise them all at once.
Only I am way too slow...

By the way: On July 23, my aupair journal starts right here. That day it's exactly two years ago that I packed my bags and went to California. More information on Me telling about myself.

November 2002

It's done: Here's my website!
The original plan was to provide a telephone list for my fellow students only...